• Network File System (NFS) is a network file system developed by Sun Microsystems and has the same purpose as SMB.

  • Its purpose is to access file systems over a network as if they were local. However, it uses an entirely different protocol.

  • NFS' default port is 2049 TCP

Basic Enumeration & Interaction

  • When footprinting NFS, the TCP ports 111 and 2049 are essential.

  • We can also get information about the NFS service and the host via RPC (2049)


Use nmap scripts to find connected NFS shares names

sudo nmap --script nfs* -sV -p111,2049

Show Available shares on target IP

showmount -e

Mount (locally) an available share

sudo mount -t nfs ./target-NFS/ -o nolock

Unmount a previously mounted share

sudo umount ./target-NFS

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