Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR)


  • IDOR refers to the ability to interact directly with object by using a reference to their identifier

  • An example of IDOR is whenever a web application uses a guessable id value that can be directly modified by the user (e.g. an id in the URL)

  • As web applications store users' files and information, they may use sequential numbers or user IDs to identify each item.

  • IDOR can lead to accessing data that should not be accessible by attackers.

  • What makes this attack very common is essentially the lack of a solid access control system on the back-end.

  • IDOR "becomes" BROKEN ACCESS CONTROL whenever a user can access other objects which he doesn't have permissions for (e.g. other user's data or admin data)

Detecting potential IDOR Vulnerabilities

  1. Example: GET request with a specific reference to an object by using ?id=NUMBER

  2. Example: POST request with a specific reference (in its body) to an object by using ?id=NUMBER

  3. Example: POST request with specific user-permissions-related parameters such as user role o permissions or "url":"/abc/data/users/1"

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