Oracle TNS


  • Communication protocol that facilitates communication between Oracle databases and applications over networks

  • Solution for managing large, complex databases, typically in the healthcare, finance, and retail industries.

  • It has a built-in encryption mechanism that ensures the security of data transmitted.

  • Runs on TCP Port 1521 by default

Oracle TNS - Basic Commands


./ all -s <FQDN/IP>

Perform a variety of scans to gather information about the Oracle database services and its components.

sqlplus /@<FQDN/IP>/

Log in to the Oracle database.

sqlplus username/password@ as sysdba

Log in to the Oracle database with sysdba privileges

./ utlfile -s <FQDN/IP> -d -U -P --sysdba --putFile C:\insert\path file.txt ./file.txt

Upload a file with Oracle RDBMS.

sudo nmap -p1521 -sV --open --script oracle-sid-brute

Nmap SID Bruteforcing

Oracle RDBMS Interaction Commands


select table_name from all_tables;

List all available tables in current database

select name, password from sys.user$;

Extract password hashes

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